Chef's Bar Bistro - American in Paris - Cadenza 3

Revel in classic French bistro fare at Chef's Bar in Boca's kitchen window. Family-style courses will seamlessly appear for you to share with someone special. As a communal dining experience...+ More

  • Prepaid reservation for 2 guests
  • $79$89 per person + supplements
2 guests
Apr 28, 2017
Chef's Bar Bistro - American in Paris - Cadenza 3 is not offered on Apr 28 for 2 guests. Try another date or party size.


Cincinnati, OH

Since Boca's genesis in 2001, Chef/Owner David Falk and team have welcomed guests to celebrate moments with food and wine inspired by Europe and beyond. With a fervent belief that if the soul leads, the palate will follow, their menus showcase the best of the season with artful simplicity. They study and savor tastes that honor the techniques of the masters and propel them forward into modern vision.

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